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For teams that build dreams

Make your notions visible to your mates, let everyone speak out, and build your projects together. Team&Spirit concise space was meant to lessen distractions and make room for nothing but your ideas. Move furniture, draw on walls, and do everything you need to make a breakthrough.

Arrange this space the way you want. You can use the whole 100m2 for teamwork, hackathons, and lectures or split it with a folding wall into two rooms for creative workshops, cozy strategic sessions, or heated discussions.

A space


up to 20 people each


98” NEC screens connected to Apple TV

Single 100m2 space that can be split into two rooms with a collapsible wall

A marker-friendly coating on walls

Stunning view of the downtown

Flip charts and stationery

Plenty of floor sockets


Perfect for


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Shiny new MacPaw Space is ready to embrace you and your team. Conferences, presentations, meetups – any event is possible. Choose your format and contact us to book space.

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