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Hey there! We’re MacPaw. And this is our Space—a place where innovations meet innovators.

MacPaw Space is the new and innovative place in Kyiv created by MacPaw, where ideas are shared, content is made, and changes are initiated. MacPaw Space holds meaningful events for product IT companies, media, and socially responsible businesses, in a word, for changemakers.

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Ideas are like plants — they need space to grow. And just like plants, sometimes they need to be taken out of the box.

So when your headspace is not enough, you can use some of ours.

We exist to turn ideas into products

As you shape a thought into an idea, there might be a moment...

When your own headspace isn't enough.

During times like these...

Bring your ideas and we'll give them Space.

A space to discuss your ideas and let them flow:

Space for growth & transformation.

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Unique collection of Apple products

From Apple II to the latest MacBook, our Museum offers you the unique collection of rare Apple products to discover and get inspired.

Temporarily closed

Russian troops invaded Ukraine on the 24th of February, 2022, without openly declaring war. We resist their aggression with all our might, but we need your help.

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Coffee break inspiration point

Get to know other inspiring people over a steamy cup of coffee with a muffin (P.S. Vegan milk and bites are also available).

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Can't wait to hear what's on your mind

The grand opening is yet to come as we need a bit more time to put the finishing touches. So join our community👇 and be the first to know when everything is ready.

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