Hey there! We’re MacPaw. And this is our Space — a place where innovations meet innovators

MacPaw Space is the new place in Kyiv created by MacPaw for sharing ideas, making content, and starting projects. MacPaw Space holds events for product IT companies, socially responsible businesses, media, and everyone striving to make a change.

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Ideas are like plants — they need space to grow. And just like plants, sometimes they need to be taken out of the box. So when your headspace is not enough, you can use some of ours.

We exist to turn ideas into products

Ideas start making a change when they are no longer just thoughts in your head.

When your own headspace isn't enough

Make your thoughts visible. Share them with like-minded people.

Bring your ideas and we'll give them Space

Get inspired, make connections, and implement your ideas in life.

Space for growth and transformation


Airy spaces for your events



307 m2


up to 155 people

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250 m2


up to 120 people

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Team & Spirit Meeting Rooms


100 m2


up to 25 people each

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Ask us for a Space

Shiny new MacPaw Space is ready to embrace you and your team. Conferences, presentations, meetups – any event is possible. Choose your format and contact us to book space.

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Vintage Apple products

From Apple II to the latest MacBook, our Museum offers you the unique collection of rare Apple products to discover and get inspired.

Museum opening soon

We're now working on making our vintage collection look as breathtaking as possible. The Museum will open its doors anytime soon, stay tuned.

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Can't wait to hear from you

We’ll be happy to make a personal offline or online tour for you and your team. Contact [email protected] for cooperation and any additional information.

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